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【Imtoken observation wallet】ImToken: A DApp Browser for Ethereum

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ImToken - A DApp Browser for Ethereum

With the imToken dapp browser, you can easily access different dapps and interact with them. The browser allows you to log into different dapps, and you can switch between them as needed. It also has built-in support for the major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.

Trust Wallet

ImToken is an Ethereum Trust Wallet application that enables you to manage your Ethereum-based digital assets. It allows you to perform exchange orders and buy or sell Cryptocurrencies. It also offers several useful features, such as charts and volume of transactions. It also offers a tutorial section that explains how to use the application.

This DApp browser works like any other browser and gives users a fast platform for all their crypto activities. It is also highly responsive and doesn't require you to install any App to interact with DApps. It also supports multiple DApps and is available on iOS and Android devices.


The imToken DApp browser is an Ethereum client that allows you to access DApps across Blockchain accounts using a single identity. The imToken client also makes it possible to save different tokens to different Blockchain accounts. The app also allows you to view the most recently used DApps.

This app connects to DeFi, Ethereum, and Tron DApps. It also offers a multi-chain Dapp shop. Its user-friendly design is another plus point. You can even store digital assets using this wallet and earn interest on them. Another advantage of this wallet is its security features. It also supports cross-chain token exchanges.

Puma Browser

Developed by Ukrainian-Canadian developer Yuriy Dybskiy, Puma is an open-source browser for Ethereum that focuses on privacy and secure browsing. It supports mobile browsing, and is available for iOS and Android devices. The browser is also built to support web monetization, as micropayments are automatically made to content creators.

It offers a variety of tools for managing your wallet, including PumaPay,Imtoken how to sell coins , a Blockchain-based payment system. The PumaPay token is the primary currency for all transactions. It is ERC-20-compatible and runs on the Ethereum platform. PumaPay's wallet works on all operating systems and supports Pay-Per-Use (PPU) features. This wallet also overcomes the risk of chargebacks and fines by providing a safe, flexible, and secure platform for payments.


Opera has been known for its innovative browsers for the past 25 years, and its Crypto Browser is no exception. This browser allows you to interact with decentralized apps and services. It has built-in support for dApps and non-custodial crypto wallets. The browser also provides educational content and a calendar of events, making it a useful tool for the cryptocurrency community.

The browser supports several cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It also offers human-readable wallet addresses. It works with a variety of browsers, and is compatible with over 11,000 dapps. It also offers a DappRadar feature, which lets you track dapps and get valuable metrics. The browser can be used on iOS and Android devices.