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【Imtoken wallet add currency】Improving Your ImToken Wallet: 7 Simple Ways to Boost an ImToken Wallet

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ImToken Wallet - 7 Simple Ways to Boost an ImToken Wallet

Whether you're using the first version or the latest version, there are several simple ways to boost your ImToken wallet. These methods include adding more cryptos, making it easier to exchange them and improving your wallet's functionality.

ImToken Wallet 1.0

The new ImToken Wallet 1.0 has a few improvements to offer. First of all,download Imtoken1.0 , it now supports multiple blockchains. Users can now manage their wallets on different blockchains with just one app. Users can also import their mnemonic passphrase. This feature helps them manage their digital identity.

The wallet now supports BTC and EOS. A QR-code for transferring cryptocurrencies is also included in the app. Another improvement in imToken Wallet is the addition of hardware wallet support. It is possible to back up mnemonic keys with this wallet and transfer them to a hardware wallet.

ImToken also uses a stronger encryption technique. You can enter your seed phrase to restore your account if you forget it. This helps protect your account against any unauthorized access. The app allows you to import up to 10 wallets. ImToken also makes it easy to manage tokens.

Another improvement in the imToken Wallet is the ability to manage multiple blockchains. This allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies with ease. This wallet also supports biometric verification. Users can now send notes to others after verifying their identity with their fingerprint or face. ImToken has completed its Series A funding round in May 2018.

Another improvement to the ImToken Wallet is the inclusion of a built-in Chinese language support. ImToken is the Chinese version of Ethereum.

ImToken Wallet 1.1

ImToken is a cryptocurrency wallet with four main functions. It supports 12 major public blockchains. It also allows users to manage their wallets on different blockchains. It also supports EVM-compatible chains. Its mnemonic passphrase makes it easy to import and export wallets.

ImToken was founded by two Chinese entrepreneurs. Both of them have a lot of technical experience in the cryptocurrency industry. They have built and launched several successful apps. For example, they have developed the ImToken wallet, which is a popular cryptocurrency wallet. They've made a lot of improvements since their first release.