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【Imtoken money how to download】ImToken: A Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Wallet

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ImToken - A Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Wallet

ImToken is a multi-chain cryptocurrency and blockchain wallet. It has raised $30 million in Series B funding and supports over 30,000 tokens. ImToken has offices in Singapore, mainland China and the United States. Its main market is China, with over 70 percent of its users residing in the mainland.

ImToken is a multi-chain cryptocurrency and blockchain wallet

ImToken is a decentralized digital wallet that enables you to store, manage, and exchange a variety of different digital assets. With support for multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchains, it allows users to keep their private information safe. It also offers features such as biometric verification and instant exchange.

ImToken is currently available for Android and iOS. The wallet is designed to simplify management. It has been developed using the Rust development language, which is widely used in the blockchain world. As such, it will be able to access the public blockchain in the future. It has also recently been updated with a new search function, a favorites section, and recently used DApp displays.

It supports 30,000+ tokens

ImToken is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based wallet that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies,Imtoken official website download 2.0 how to download , including Ethereum. It also offers an in-app decentralized exchange called Tokenlon. It also partners with companies like 0x and Kyber Network to offer its users a DApp store marketplace. However,Imtoken wallet download 2.0. , imToken faces strong competition from other cryptocurrency wallets, including Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, and many other hardware wallets. But imToken is upbeat about the competition, and has forged positive relationships with its rivals.

Its users can store a variety of digital assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS, in one secure location. It also offers biometric verification to ensure that the wallet owner is the person who owns the coins. Moreover, imToken supports instant exchange functions and supports several decentralized applications, including cloud mining and Dapps.

It is compatible with Polygon

ImToken has announced that it is compatible with the Polygon protocol, bringing the two crypto ecosystems together under one umbrella. This integration aims to make it easier for users to access various projects and dApps. The Polygon network currently has 450 dApps and 350 million transactions.

To use imToken with Polygon, you should have an Ethereum wallet. Once you've set up an account, you can use the wallet to send and receive funds. To do this, you need to copy the wallet address and enter the amount you'd like to send. Once you have sent the funds, you can visit DApps on the platform and exchange your tokens with your recipient.

It has raised $30 million in Series B funding

ImToken, a blockchain technology startup and developer of a crypto wallet, has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round. Backers include IDG Capital, Breyer Capital, Signum Capital, Longling Capital, and SNZ. The company is targeting a user base of 100 million in five years. It plans to use the funding to accelerate the development of its imToken 3.0 software and to build an in-house research arm.

The Series B funding will go towards building imToken Labs, improving operations, and setting up offices worldwide. Qiming Venture Partners led the round, while Breyer Capital, HashKey, and Longling Capital also participated in the round. In addition to these investors, the startup received funding from a co-founder of Fosun International.