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This website is owned and administered by Rita Mishoe.  If you have any comments or items you wish to share, please contact me here.


My thanks go to:

- Dave White: You started this all by having! I appreciate you sharing your time for yet another Uriah Heep related project.

- Ron Mann (the Heepster's Heepster): Ron, you are "The Man". Thanks for your help in making this dream come true, and all the technical and moral support.

- Stella Koufidaki: Thanks for contributing the paintings of Gary and your words of encouragement. I know that Art can not be rushed and you provided something very unique in a small time frame.

- Roy Landgren: Thanks for supporting my project with photos and articles it's highly appreciated.

- Charlie Gibb: Your photography work is widely known, thanks for letting me show it on my site - it's a privilege.

- Dave Owen: I appreciate all the "legwork" and picture contributions, thanks for being part of this vision.

- Dan Diehl: Thanks for allowing me to use special photo and letting me put the "rare" into Rarities.

- Brian Worth: Your contribution of articles, interviews, and photos help make my site worthwhile.

- Tapio Minkkinen: info on New Nadir and Heep lyrics

- Uwe Reuters: info on New Nadir

- Les Garrenton: info on New Nadir and commentary

- Louis Rentrop: Banner


Others who contributed time and help, each are greatly appreciated:

Kevin Julie
Mac Steagall
Keith Shaw

Other Items of Interest:

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