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The Gary Thain Discography:

The Strangers  (New Zealand) [lyrics]

Gary Thain on Bass, his brother Arthur Thain (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Graeme Ching (Rhythm Guitar), and Dave Beattie (Drums)

(Robbins RRSP23)
- A Side: My Blue Heaven
- B Side: The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs 

1964:  (Robbins RRSP48)
- A Side: Pretend [listen to it
- B Side: Alright [listen to it

1965: (Robbins RRSP52)
- A Side: Can't Help Forgiving You [listen to it
- B Side: I'll Never Be Blue  (written by Gary Thain) [listen to it


The Secrets (New Zealand) [lyrics] 

Gary Thain (Bass), Derek Wright (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Paul Muggleston (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Wayne "Biggy" Allen (Drums)



1966: (Allied International JAR522)
- A Side: It's You (written by Paul Muggleston) [listen to it
- B Side: You're Wrong  (written by Gary Thain and Paul Muggleston) [listen to it


New Nadir (Europe)


LP: under label "Witchseason" (never released)


Dupree, Champion Jack (UK)

CHAMPION JACK DUPREE (Vocals); Richard Studt, Reg Cole, Barry Wilde and Peter Oxer (Violins); Terry Noonan and Bud Parks (Trumpets, Flugelhorn); Alan Skidmore and Les Wigfiels (TSax); Jim Chester (BSax); Gary Thain [under pseudonym Wallace Tring]; (Bass)/Alex Dmochowski [under pseudonym Eduardo Givezano] (Bass); Mike Vernon (Percussion); Aynsley Dunbar [under pseudonym Harris Dundee]; (Drums)/Keef Hartley [under pseudonym Big Chief Drumstick] (Drums, Percussion)


Single: (Blue Horizon 57-3152)
- A Side: Ba La Fouche (MT/Jack Dupree)
- B Side: Kansas City (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)


LP:  Scoobydoobydoo  (Blue Horizon 7-63214)

Producer: Mike Vernon.
Sound engineer: Mike Ross. Musical director & arrangeur: Terry Noonan.

1.   I Want To Be A Hippy (Jack Dupree)
2.   Grandma (Jack Dupree)
3.   Puff Puff (Jack Dupree)
4.   Blues Before Sunrise (Carr)
5.   I'll Try (Jack Dupree)
6.   Going Back To Louisiana (Jack Dupree)
7.  Ain't That A Shame (Jack Dupree)
8.   Stumbling Block (Jack Dupree)
9.   Old And Grey (Jack Dupree)
10.  Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well (Jack Dupree)
11.  Postman Blues (Jack Dupree)
12.  Lawdy, Lawdy (Jack Dupree)


Martha Velez (UK)


Johnny Almond (saxophone), Brian Auger (organ), Dave Bidwell (drums), Duster Bennett (harmonica), Jack Bruce (bass), Jim Capaldi (drums), Eric Clapton (guitar), Jeff Condon (horns), Rick Hayward (guitar), Spit James (guitar), Paul Kossoff (guitar), Christine McVie  (keyboards), Chris Mercer (saxophone), Mitch Mitchell (drums), Terry Noonan (horns), Bud Parkes (horns), Andy Silvester (bass),  Gary Thain (bass), Derek Wadsworth (horns), Blue Weaver (keyboards), Stan Webb (guitar), Chris Wood (saxophone), Keef Hartley (drums)



Single: (Source: Hunstad)
- A Side: Tell Mama
- B Side: Swamp Man


LP: Fiends and Angels (SHK 8395)

1.  I'm Gonna Leave You
2.  Swamp Man
3.  Fool for You
4.  In My Girlish Days
5.  Very Good Fandango
6.  Tell Mama
7.  Feel So Bad
8.  Drive Me Daddy
9.  It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
10. Come Here Sweet Man
11. Let the Good Times Roll


Keef Hartley Band (UK) [lyrics]


Single: (Source: Reuters)
A Side: Don't be afraid

- B Side: Hickory

Single: (Source: Hunstad)
- A Side: Halfbread
- B Side: Waiting around

Single: (Source: Landgren)
- A Side: Just to cry
- B Side: Leave it 'til the morning

Single: (Reuters)
- A Side: Plain talkin
- B Side: We are all the same


LP: Halfbreed (DERAM SML 1037)

Lineup: Miller Anderson (Guitar, Vocals), Harry Beckett (Trumpet), Peter Dines (Keyboards), Lyn Dobson (Flute, Tenor Saxopohone), Keef Hartley (Drums), Spit James (Guitar), Henry Lowther (Trumpet), Chris Mercer (Tenor Saxophone), Gary Thain (Bass)

1.   Sacked
2.   Intruducing Heart and Flowers
3.   Confusion Theme
4.  The Halfbreed
5.   Born to Die
6.   Sinnin' for you
7.   Leavin' Trunk
8.   Just to Cry
9.   Too Much Thinking
10.  Think it Over
11.  Too much to Take


LP:: The Battle of North West Six (DERAM SML 1054)

Lineup: Miller Anderson (Vocals, Guitars), Harry Beckett (Trumpet, Flugelhorn Track 2), Mike Davis (Trumpet Track 3), Lynn Dobson (Tenor Saxophone, Flute Track 4), Keef Hartley (Drums, Percussion), Spit James (Guitar (Tracks 1,5), Jim Jewell (Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 6,8), Henry Lowther (Tenor Saxophone Tracks 6,8), Chris Mercer (Tenor Saxophone), Mick Taylor (Guitar Track 10), Gary Thain (Bass), Barbara Thompson (Baritone Saxophone Track 4), Ray Warleigh (Flute Track 4), Mick Weaver (Piano, Organ, Percussion Tracks 1,8)

1. The Dansette Kid (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
2. Hartley Jam for Bread (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
3. Don't Give up (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
4. Me and my Woman (Barge)
5. Hickory (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
6. Don't be Afraid (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Dines / Thain)
7. Not foolish, Not wise (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
8. Waiting around (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
9. Tadpole (Hewitson / Hartley / Thain)
10. Poor Mable (Hewitson / James / Hartley / Thain)
11. Believe in You (Hewitson / Hartley / Thain)


Single: (Source: Landgren)
- A Side: Roundabout
- B Side: Roundabout pt 2

LP: The Time is Near (DERAM SML 1071) [Review}

Lineup: Miller Anderson (Guitar, Vocals), Dave Caswell (Trumpet), Keef Hartley (Drums), Lyle Jenkins (Saxophone), Jimmy Jewell (Saxophone), Henry Lowther (Trumpet, Violin), Del Roll (Percussion), Gary Thain (Bass) , Stuart Wicks (Keyboards)

1. Morning Rain (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson  with Brass Arrangement by Lowther)
2. From the Window (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson / Jenkins / Caswell)
3. The Time is near (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson / Jenkins / Caswell)
4. You can't take it with you (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson / Jenkins / Caswell)
5. Premonition (written by Caswell, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson / Jenkins / Caswell)
6. Another Time, another Place (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson / Jenkins / Caswell)
7. Change (written by Anderson, arranged by Hartley / Thain / Anderson with Brass Arrangement by Lowther)

Remastered Edition CD ECLCD1027, 2005


LP: Little Big Band Live at The Marquee 1971 (DERAM SDL4)

 Lineup: Danny Allmark (Trombone), Miller Anderson (Guitar, Vocals), Derek Austin (Keyboards), Harold Beckett (Trumpet), Michael Davis (Trumpet), Lyn Dobson (Flute, Tenor Saxophone), Martin Drover (Trumpet), Keef Hartley (Drums), Chris Mercer (Saxophone), Terry Noonan (Trumpet), Michael Rosen (Trumpet), Gary Thain (Bass), Ingrid Thomas (Vocals), Barbara Thompson (Saxophone), Roger Wade (Saxophone), Derek Wadsworth (Trombone), Pete York (Percussion)

1.  You can't take it with You
2.   Me and my Woman
3.   Not foolish, Not wise [listen to it
4.   Legoverture: Leavin' Trunk - Halfbreed - Just to Cry - Sinnin'for You

LP/CD: Overdog (DERAM SDL2)

Lineup: Johnny Almond (Flute Track 3), Miller Anderson (Vocal, Guitar), Dave Caswell (Trumpet, Flugelhorn Tracks 1, 5, 6), Valerie Charrington (Backing Vocals), Peter Dines (Keyboards Track 5), Keef Hartley (Drums, Percussion), Jon Hiseman (Drums, Percussion Tracks 3, 6), Lyle Jenkins (Tenor Sax, Flute Track 5), Joan Knighton (Backing Vocals), Gary Thain (Bass), Ingrid Thomas (Backing Vocals), Mick Weaver (Keyboards)

1. You can Choose (Anderson)
2. Plain Talkin' (Anderson)
3. Theme Song (Anderson)
      Enroute (Hartley/Thain)
      Theme Song-Reprise (Anderson)
4. Overdog (Anderson)
5. Roundabout (Anderson)
6. Imitations from Home (Hartley)
7. We are all the same (Anderson)

Remastered Edition CD ECLCD1026, 2005; with bonus tracks:

8.  Roundabout (Part One) from Deram Single, Side A; Released in 1971 

9. Roundabout (Part Two) from Deram Sinlge, Side B: Released in 1971


LP/CD: 72nd Brave (DERAM SDL9)

Lineup: Keef Hartley (Drums), Junior Kerr (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Mercer (Baritone & Tenor Saxophone), Nick Newell (Alto Saxophone, Flute), Gary Thain (Bass, Vocals), Mick Weaver (Organ), Pete Wingfield (Piano, Vocals)

1.   Heartbreakin' Woman
2.   Marin County
3.   Hard Pill to Swallow
4.   Don't You be long
5.   Nocturns
6.   Don't sign it
7.   Always thinkin' of You
8.   You say You're together now (Gary Thain on lead vocals)
9.   What it is


Single: (Source: Hunstad)
- A Side: Dance to the music
- B Side: You and Me

Miller Anderson (UK) 


LP: Bright City (Deram; CD reissued in: 1995 under: Repertoire REP 4524-WP)

Produced by Neil Slaven

1.  Alice Mercy
2.   The Age of Progress
3.   Nothing in this World
4.   Bright City
5.   Grey broken Morning
6.   High Tide, High Water
7.   Shadows 'cross my Wall

Lineup: Neil Hubbard (guitar), Gary Thain (bass), Mick Weaver [sometimes known as Wynder K. Frogg] (keyboards),  Peter Dines (keyboards), Lynn Dobson (Flute), Eric Dillon (Drums), Neil Slaven (Percussion).  Backing Vocals by Madeleine Bell, Tracey Miller and Lisa Strike.

Pete York Percussion Band (UK) 


LP: The Pete York percussion band (Decca)

Produced: by Pete York/Ian Paice/Derek Tompkins

1.  Keep On Running (Edwards)
2.  Nothing Yet (Munns)
3.  Cold Night In The City (Fearn)
4.  Sombrero Sam (Lloyd)
5. Mel´s Blues (Thorpe)

6. Moleshawk (Coleman)
7. Stroke (Coleman)
8. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Händel)
9. Points (Munns)
10. It´s Over (Fearn)

Lineup: Bill Coleman (bass, piano), Steve Fearn (guitar, vocals) Roger Munns (Keyboard, vocals), Mel Thorpe (saxophone, flute, clarinet), Gordon Williams (drums), Pete York (drums, percussion), Ian Paice (drums), Barry Sutton (trumpet), Gary Thain (Bass)

Ken Hensley (UK)


LP/8Track/CD: Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf (Bronze Records 27237)

A1.   When evening comes
A2.   From time to time
A3.   King without a throne
A4.   Rain
A5.   Proud words
B1.  Fortune
B2.  Black-hearted lady
B3.  Go down
B4.  Cold autumn sunday
B5.  The last time

Lineup: Dave Paul (bass guitar), Gary Thain (bass guitar), Lee Kerslake (Drums), Ken Hensley (all other instruments and vocals)


Uriah Heep (UK) [lyrics]


LP: Demons and Wizards (Bronze ILPS 9193)

Produced by GERRY BRON
Assistant engineer ASHLEY HOWE
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London, March/April 1972

Lineup: Gary Thain - Bass Guitar (except Mark Clarke on 'The Wizard' and remastered version bonus track 'Why'), Lee Kerslake (Drums and Percussion), Mick Box (Guitars), Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion), David Byron (Vocals)

1.  The Wizard (Hensley/Clarke) (Thain does not play Bass on that song, Mark Clarke does)
2.   Traveller In Time (Byron/Kerslake/Box)
3.   Easy Livin' (Hensley)
4.   Poet's Justice (Hensley/Box/Kerslake)
5.   Circle Of Hands (Hensley)
6    Rainbow Demon (Hensley)
7.   All My Life (Box/Byron/Kerslake)
8.  Paradise (Hensley)
9.   The Spell (Hensley)

Remastered Edition 1996 (ESMCD 319) with bonus tracks:
10. Why (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton) Single B side version
11. Why (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton) - originial unedited version
12. Home Again To You (Hensley)


Released March 2003 (Castle CMRCD672), rereleased as Sanctuary Midline SMRCD051 in March 2004 with bonus tracks:

10. Why (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton)  Single B side version
11. Rainbow Demon (Hensley) edit, previously unreleased
12. Proud Words (Hensley) out-take
13. Home Again To You (Hensley)
14. Green Eye (Hensley) out-take, previously unreleased song


LP: The Magician's Birthday (Bronze ILPS 9213)

Produced by GERRY BRON
Assistant engineer ASHLEY HOWE
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London, September/October 1972

Lineup: Gary Thain (Bass guitar), Lee Kerslake (Drums and Percussion), Mick Box (Guitars), Ken Hensley (Keyboards, Guitars, Moog Synthesizer), David Byron (Vocals)

1.  Sunrise (Hensley)
2.  Spider Woman (Box/Byron/Thain/Kerslake)
3.  Blind Eye (Hensley)
4.   Echoes In The Dark (Hensley)
5.  Rain (Hensley)
6.  Sweet Lorraine (Thain/Box/Byron)
7.  Tales (Hensley)
8.  The Magician's Birthday (Hensley/Box/Kerslake)

Remastered Edition 1996 (ESMCD 339)
9.  Silver White Man (Byron)
10. Crystal Ball (Thain)

Released August 2003 (Castle CMRCD 771), re-released as Sanctuary Midline SMRCD 052 March 2004 with bonus tracks:

1.  Crystal Ball (Thain) out-take
2. Silver White Man (Byron) out-take previously unreleased vocal version
3. Proud Words (Hensley) alternate version, previously unreleased
4. Echoes in the Dark (Hensley) edit, previously unreleased
5. Rain (Hensley) edit, previously unreleased
6. Happy Birthday (Hensley/Box/Kerslake) The Magician's Birthday edit, previously unreleased
7. Sunrise (Hensley) edit, previously unreleased
8. Garys Song (Thain) Crystal Ball alternate version, previously unreleased
9. Silver White Man (Byron) out-take, instrumental version



LP (Double Album: Uriah Heep Live 1973 aka Friday Night in Birmingham

1.  Sunrise (Hensley)
2.  Sweet Lorraine (Box/Byron/Thain)
3.  Traveller In Time (Byron/Kerslake/Box)
4.  Easy Livin' (Hensley)
5.  July Morning (Byron/Hensley)
6.  Tears In My Eyes (Hensley)
7.  Gypsy (Byron/Box)
8.  Circle Of Hands (Hensley)
9.  Look At Yourself (Hensley)
10 The Magician's Birthday (Hensley/Box/Kerslake)
11 Love Machine (Hensley/Box/Byron)
12 Rock 'n Roll Medley:
- Roll Over Beethoven (Berry)
- Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)
- Mean Woman Blues (De-Metruis)
- Hound Dog (Leiber/Stoller)
- At The Hop (Singer/Medora/White)
- Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (Williams)
- Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)

LP: Sweet Freedom (Bronze ILPS 9245)

Produced by Gerry Bron
Recording engineer Peter Gallen
Recorded at The Chateau D’Herouville, France, June/July 1973

Lineup: David Byron (Vocals), Ken Hensley (Keyborads, Guitars, Vocals), Mick Box (Guitars), Lee Kerslake (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Gary Thain (Bass Guitar)

1.  Dreamer (Thain/Box)
2.  Stealin' (Hensley)
3.  One Day (Thain/Hensley)
4.  Sweet Freedom (Hensley)
5.  If I Had The Time (Hensley)
6.  Seven Stars (Hensley)
7.  Circus (Thain/Box/Kerslake)
8.  Pilgrim (Hensley/Byron)

Remastered Edition 1996 Essential ESMCD 338
9.  Stealin' (Hensley) - edited version released as a Single
10. Sunshine (Thain/Box) Single B-side
11. Seven Stars (Hensley) - unedited long version, previously unreleased

Re-released March 2004 (Sanctuary Midline SMRCD011) with Bonus Tracks:

9.  Sunshine (Thain/Box) Single B-side
10. Seven Stars (Hensley) extended version
11. Pilgrim (Hensley/Byron) extended version, previously unreleased
12. If I had the Time Ken Hensley Demo version
13. Sweet Freedom (Hensely) live version
14. Stealin' (Hensley) live version



LP: Wonderworld (Bronze ILPS 9280)

Produced by Gerry Bron
Recording engineer Peter Gallen
Recorded at Musicland, Munich, Germany, January/March 1974
Musicland engineers Hans Menzel and Macki


Lineup: Ken Hensley (Organ, Guitars & Vocals), David Byron (Vocals), Mick Box (Lead Guitars), Gary Thain (Bass), Lee Kerslake (Drums)

1.  Wonderworld (Hensley)
2.  Suicidal Man (Thain/Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake)
3.  The Shadows And The Wind (Hensley)
4.  So Tired (Thain/Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake)
5.  The Easy Road (Hensley)
6.  Something Or Nothing (Thain/Hensley/Box)
7.  I Won't Mind (Thain/Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake)
8.  We Got We (Thain/Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake)
9.  Dreams (Box/Byron/Hensley)

Rereleased 1996 (Essential ESMCD 380) Bonus Tracks:
10. What Can I Do (Box/Byron/Kerslake)
11. Dreams long version(Box/Byron/Hensley) - unedited long version, previously unreleased
12. Something Or Nothing (Hensley/Box/Thain) - live version recorded at Shepperton 1974, previously unreleased
13. The Easy Road (Hensley) - live version recorded at Shepperton 1974, previously unreleased

Re-released March 2004 (Sanctuary Midline SMRCD 012) with Bonus Tracks:

10. What Can I Do (Box/Byron/Kerslake) Single B-side
11. Love, Hate & Fear (Box/Kerslake/Byron) out-take
12. Stone's Throw (Hensley/Byron/Box/Thain/Kerslake) out-take
13. Dreams (Box/Byron/Hensley) extended version
14. I won't mind (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain) live version
15. So Tired (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain) live version


1963-65: The Strangers

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1966-67: The Secrets

1967-68: New Nadir

1968: Champion Jack Dupree

1969: Martha Velez

1969-72: Keef Hartley Band

1971: Miller Anderson

1972: Pete York Percussion Band

1972-74: Uriah Heep

1973: Ken Hensley